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WE ARE ONE OF THE LEADING ORGANIZATION, working on empowerment of youth with career guidance, scholarship, life and business skills training

WAYMARK was working exclusively in West Bengal, India, earlier but now it extended its operations in other states as well.

The vision for WAYMARK is Empowered Communities – Peaceful Communities. Our mission is to Transforming lives through sharing of knowledge and enhancing life and business skill for sustainable and safe livelihood.

Education is, we believe, the most lasting and effective way we can help building sustainable communities. One of the most tested and effective ways of breaking the cycle of poverty is to have access to quality education for children and their families to escape from the cycle of poverty. It also represents a double investment – an investment in the children but also an investment in the future of the country and in strong nation building.

About the

The primary aim

We envisioned right from the inception was to assist the under-privileged segment of the society to bag a good and respectable career.

There has been a consistent increase in the amount of workforce in recent years, but due to limitations and specific eligibility criteria, these individuals cannot land in their dream career. We are helping the individuals to have their successful career opportunities.

Empowering marginalized communities through equitable, inclusive and holistic development programmes.

About the

Empowerment to youth
who have limited education credentials. Transforming rural youth by enhancing their skills, values & ethics. Peaceful, Prosperous and Equitable society throughout India.